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50Pcs Transistor TO-220 L7805 7905 LM317T Positive Voltage Regulator

  1. Extremely high resistance, until the emergence of an emergency breaking voltage at that time.
  2. The voltage regulator is reversely disconnected within a certain range(or within a certain power-off range), the terminal voltage is almost constant, showing voltage regulation characteristics, so it is widely used to control power supply and limit circuit.
  3. Including: 5 *LM317T,5 *L7805,5*L7806,5 *L7808,5 *L7809,5 *-L7810,5*-L7812,5*L7815,5 *L7818,5*L7824.
  4. Box Size: 13×7×2.5M/5.12×2.75×0.98", weight: 126g